Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adolescent Sexuality Conference?

The Adolescent Sexuality Conference is a two-day annual event that addresses a broad range of issues that influence how adolescents deal with their sexuality. The conference promotes community-wide awareness and encourages the exchange of ideas across many disciplines. Its content is aligned with Oregon’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education requirements, which states that “All human sexuality education programs shall emphasize that abstinence from sexual intercourse, when practiced consistently and correctly, is the only method that is 100 percent effective against unintended pregnancy, HIV infection, sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis B/C. Abstinence is to be stressed, but not to the exclusion of other methods for preventing unintended pregnancy, HIV infection, sexually transmitted diseases, and hepatitis B/C. Such courses are to acknowledge the value of abstinence while not devaluing or ignoring those students who have had or are having sexual relationships. Further, sexuality education materials, instructional strategies, and activities must not, in any way, use shame or fear based tactics. ” Topics at the 2015 conference include teen pregnancy prevention, healthy relationships and comprehensive sex education.

The event is sponsored by the Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force.

When/where will it take place?

The 2015 Adolescent Sexuality Conference will take place on April 13th and 14th in Seaside, Oregon.

What topics and types of material are presented at the conference?

A full listing of workshops, keynote speakers and schedule for the conference, both last years and the upcoming 2015 event, can be found at the following links:


Who is the intended audience for the conference?

The conference is intended for educators, health personnel, administrators, counselors, social and youth service workers, parents, clergy, teen parent program staff, community members and teens. The majority of conference attendees are typically adults (over the age of 18). *Note. Attendees under the age of 18 must have written parental permission and be accompanied by a legal guardian or chaperone. All attendees must sign the Adolescent Sexuality Conference Code of Conduct Agreement. Sessions and workshops are tailored for specific audiences, with the intended audience (e.g., adults) available on our website.

How much does it cost to attend?

Please see the fees section on our website for pricing.

Is the conference suitable for attendees under the age of 18?

The conference is open to teens and adults with specific breakout workshops tailored toward specific, identified groups. The intended audience for each workshop is stated online and available in our program. The content of the conference is aligned with Oregon’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education requirements. *Note. Attendees under the age of 18 must have written parental permission, be accompanied by a legal guardian or chaperone and it is their responsibility to decide which workshops and presentations youth attend.

Who supports the conference?

The list of organizations on our Steering Committee is available on our website. While we are not funded by the state, we do have their support through the listed organizations as well as from other nonprofits.